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Cruises of Christmas Past

Croisière de Noël d'Antan à Strasbourg

These cruises are available only in Alsatian on 6 December and only in French on 13 December.

Who hasn’t dreamed of travelling back in time and experiencing, if only for a few minutes, the nostalgia of Christmases past?

This is exactly what we can offer you with our Cruises of Christmas Past.

Jeanne Loesch, a sprightly Alsatian lady a mere 85 years young, takes the helm and, more especially the floor, for this unique 60-minute tour. Admittedly, the Christmas illuminations weren’t so bright in those days, the presents fewer and less showy. And yet there was so much joy to be had in sharing in the baking of bredele and decorating the Christmas Tree with whatever was to hand while waiting for the Christkindel to come with his sidekick, Hans Trapp (Père Fouettard in Alsace)! Jeanne Loesch will tell you, perhaps, about her papapa, her grandfather, that wonderful man who, when Christmas Night came, would go out to talk to the trees and the animals in the stable to bring them the glad tidings: “Christ is born”. Popular belief had it that the livestock would be protected by hanging up small blessed crowns in the stable made of crêpe paper which, in Alsace, we call Stollkränzle. So her papapa would hang them up with her.

On our Cruises of Christmas Past, you will rediscover the pleasures of simple, authentic things that will make your eyes twinkle with more stars and fairy lights than there are on the immense Christmas Tree on Place Kléber.

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great attention. Lovers, thirsty for discovery and history, pirates budding lovers of gentle walks ... we all have a reason to embark.


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