European Parliament cruise: visit the European Parliament!

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European Parliament cruise: visit the European Parliament!

Duration 1h00

Your trip begins at our Palais Rohan pier on Place du Marché aux Poissons, the departure point for the first part of your boat tour. For the first 50 minutes, you sail around Grande Ile and enjoy the amazing architectural treasures, awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

Your boat then drops you off at the foot of the European Parliament at a pier specially built by the Independent Batorama to welcome you. A few minutes' walk brings you down an alley (Allée du Printemps)  enclosed within the walls of the Parliament and the incredible gardens of Cité Ungemach, planted in two hedges with trellises of pear. When security is tight, it is the little rue de Levant that provides access to the European Parliament.

Upon arrival at the home of the European Parliament, you pass calmly through the security checks because you will have already registered with us in advance. Once you have cleared the security check area, you are met by a European Parliament guide. Highly qualified, the European Parliament's guides not only know the layout as if they had designed it, but they follow the debates and political events diligently and are privileged interlocutors to answer all your questions.

In their company, you visit the main sights of this immense edifice of 225,000 m2 designed by the firm Architecture Studio: from the Agora at Grande Rue, via the Chamber, of course, and the official entrance reserved for presidents of states or international organisations. The guided tour lasts about one and a half hours.

To round off your trip, the boat whisks you back to the heart of Strasbourg in 20 minutes.

Lunch at the European Parliament

A visit to the European Parliament may also provide you with the exceptional opportunity to have lunch in the Salons des Députés. At the Parliament, only fresh, quality products have right of citizenship and whether you dine in the Salons des Députés or at the self-service restaurant, the quality of food is impeccable. Many of the chefs working in the kitchen are also from major French restaurants.  The wine list is necessarily one of the most international that you can find in Strasbourg. 

For these visits/lunches, the visit to the European Parliament is reduced to 1 hour. Customised programmes can be developed on request.

Terms of the visit

Several simple steps to book your BATORAMA visit to the European Parliament:

  • check that the day on which you wish to visit is a day that it is open. To do so, please consult our calendar of European Parliament opening hours. The dates in black, red and green are not open for visits.
  • call us on 03 69 74 44 04 to check if visits are still available.
  • fill out the form concerning participants in the tour as early as possible. This form must be returned if possible 3 weeks before the date of visit.
  • get in touch with the European Parliament's catering service. All information relating to catering is contained within the following file: catering within the European Parliament.
  • on the day of your visit, please bring an identity document to be presented during the access check.
  • Groups of children under the age of 14 are unfortunately not permitted to enter the European Parliament.

For children under 14 participating in open visits as individuals, a release must be completed by the person responsible for them (release to be downloaded and completed).


    • January
      • Departure : 11h00 - Return : 13h45
    • Février-mars
      • Departure : 10h15 - Return : 13h00 (CTS*)
    • Avril à octobre
      • Morning cruise departure : 10h30 - Return : 14h10
      • Afternoon cruise departure : 13h30 - Return : 16h55 
    • Novembre
      • Departure : 10h30 - Return : 13h00 (CTS*)
    • Décembre
      • Morning cruise departure : 10h30 - Return : 14h10
      • Afternoon cruise departure : 13h30 - Return : 16h55

    * : in low season (January, February, March and November),  sometimes the returns cannot be made by boat. In this case, we invite to take the tram (CTS: Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois), whose station is located right in front of the European Parliament.


    From 01/01/2017 to 03/31/2017

    One way ticket
    • Full price : 13,00€
    • Full price 13-18 ans : 13,00€
    • Reduced price 4-12 ans : 7,50€
    • - 4 years : Free
    Round trip
    • Full price : 20,80€
    • Full price 13-18 ans : 20,80€
    • Reduced price 4-12 ans : 11,40€
    • - 4 years : Free

    From 04/01/2017 to 12/31/2017

    One way ticket
    • Full price : 15,60€
    • Full price 13-18 ans : 15,60€
    • Reduced price 4-12 ans : 9,05€
    • - 4 years : Free
    Round trip
    • Full price : 26,00€
    • Full price 13-18 ans : 26,00€
    • Reduced price 4-12 ans : 15,00€
    • - 4 years : Free

    The reduced rate applies to children aged from 4 to 12. Children under the age of 14 must obtain prior approval from the European Parliament in order to pass through the security checks.   Please indicate this requirement when booking so that we can take the necessary measures.

    Groups of children under the age of 14 are unfortunately not permitted to enter the European Parliament. For children under 14, a release must be completed by the person responsible for them (release to be downloaded and completed).

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    Useful information

    Schedules and rates

    European Parliament visits are possible outside the sessions of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, excluding weekends and EP holidays. We offer two visits per day from April to October and in December, and one visit per day from January to March and in November. It is not possible to visit the European Parliament on Friday afternoons.

    Departures are from our pier at Palais Rohan, Place du Marché aux Poissons (150 metres from the cathedral). After your visit, a boat can bring you back to your departure point.