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Vaisseau Cruise

Created in partnership with the Vaisseau, this cruise is designed for schools wishing to combine the discovery of this fascinating and amusing tool for mediation and promotion of science with the pleasure of a boat trip.

The cruise follows the Austerlitz basin, travels down the entire length of the recent promenade at Heyritz Park to the Grand Mosque before heading in the direction of the city centre. The heart of Strasbourg is entered by passing under the Barrage Vauban, a true feat of precision for the driver of the boat. Once the Abattoir lock has been negotiated, the Captain Hans Trapp and his parrot Coco, your two guides for this special cruise, continue the journey by the Canal du Faux-Rempart. You then leave behind the Palais Rohan, Ancienne Douane, the Church of Saint Nicolas, and Hôtel du Dragon before arriving at the gates of Petite France, before which you turn back.

The crossing of the Neustadt and the European Quarter with its impressive buildings are the final highlights of this cruise that ends at your point of departure.

Boarding takes place directly from the Batorama jetty in the Vaisseau garden.

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Desire to please differently? The gift is the small Batorama
great attention. Lovers, thirsty for discovery and history, pirates budding lovers of gentle walks ... we all have a reason to embark.