Bandeau Batorama POPGuide Strasbourg

How to use POPGUIDE ?

Whether you have an iPhone® or an Android® smartphone, you can download the POPGUIDE application from Play Store, AppStore or Google Play.


Select :

App Popguide

And start the download :

App POPGUIDE download

Once the app has downloaded, you come to the home screen where you can agree to the general terms and conditions of service and the terms of use of your personal data pursuant to the GDPR. 

Pop Guide app onboarding
Pop Guide App Screenshot

Opening the application

Acceptance of the general terms and conditions of service and the privacy notice allows you to download the modules which you purchased earlier from the Batorama shop.

Achat module popuide

To identify yourself, the application allows you to enter your login and password manually or use the built-in QR code scanner.


Downloading the modules

Downloading a module takes only a few seconds. We provide free HD WiFi at our shop, at reception at Strasbourg cathedral, at our automatic terminals on the Quai des Rohan and on each of our boats.


Application Pop Guide Strasbourg
Ajouter un module à l'application Pop Guide

The module or modules you have purchased are shown on your screen. Click on the little cloud and download the module.

Ajouter un module à l'application Pop Guide

Once you have chosen your language from the 7 languages available - French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Russian - and the module has downloaded, the little cloud is replaced by a check box.

Simply click on the module to open it and
make the most of your visit to Strasbourg Cathedral