Batorama brochure with a map of Strasbourg translated into Arabic and Hebrew

With nearly 800,000 passengers on-board our boats to visit Strasbourg, Batorama ranks as the leading fee-paying tourist attractions in the Great Eastern region of France. All year long, Batorama offers passengers even more comfort thanks to new products.

This Spring 2018, Batorama expands its brochure catalogue and now includes two new languages: Arabic and Hebrew. Middle Eastern clients can therefore from now on have a free map of Strasbourg translated into their mother tongue together with the all the information needed to prepare their visit by boat: list of various circuits offered by Batorama, departure times, prices, access conditions,... They will be able to find these free brochures in our store on the place de la Cathédrale in Strasbourg. They are also available in PDF format upon request ( 

The Batorama plans of Strasbourg that were until now translated into 11 languages (French, English, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean) are now available in 13 languages.

According to figures from, there are more and more clients from the Middle East, and in particular from Israel in Alsace, and especially in Strasbourg. The last report from the agency that manages tourist statistics in Alsace notes that this clientele is experiencing the largest growth after China, with more than 180% growth over the last five years.

the commentaries for the boat visits of Strasbourg should also be available in Arabic and Hebrew

The proximity of many airports, (Strasbourg-Entzheim airport, Basel-Mulhouse airport, Karlsruhe–Baden-Baden airport, but also Frankfurt airport), with the opening of flights to Tel Aviv and Eilat in recent years does contribute to the growing numbers of this new type of visitors in Alsace.

With this in mind, Batorama has decided to translate its brochure with the map of Strasbourg into Arabic and Hebrew.

By end 2018, the commentaries for the boat visits of Strasbourg should also be available in Arabic and Hebrew. By expanding our range of services, as we have regularly been doing for 70 years, we seek to improve our visitors’ experience and create added value for tourism in Strasbourg.