Commitments to quality

Since we are a service business, we believe that our prime focus should be on our passengers.

Set off in peace on your voyage to discover Strasbourg.

We know how to welcome you. Commercial ticketing staff speak German and English and are able to offer advice in several other languages (depending on the people), including Italian, Spanish or Arabic. The oral commentary of the tour is available in 12 languages for adults and 4 languages for children.

We are flexible. Our boats are covered, heated and air-conditioned, or uncovered, according to the weather. Every morning, our teams decide which boats to take out for the day.

We know how to listen to you. Our staff are available and attentive to passengers' requests. Feel free to approach them.

To make your visit as smooth as possible, the Batorama team underlines its commitment to your satisfaction:

  • To forewarn customers who have booked in advance and left us their contact information if it is not possible to sail or if our schedule changes.

  • To provide information on upcoming departures and piers in real time through light panels and on our website.

  • To guarantee a seat for every passenger. We do not overbook. We reserve a seat on the boat until the last second before departure for all passengers who have bought a ticket.

  • To sail as soon as weather and safety conditions permit.

  • To adhere to the time of departure and the duration of the cruise.

  • To synchronise the audio commentaries with the cruise.

  • To replace headphones on request.

Anxious to reduce our carbon footprint, we have changed all the engines in our fleet so it complies with the latest standards for river navigation. In the interests of transparency, you can consult the carbon footprint of our boats, which is displayed at our ticket counters.