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POPGUIDE Strasbourg, the only audio guide service that offers a tour of Strasbourg’s Notre-Dame Cathedral through an application compatible with all telephones on iOS or Android.



Strasbourg’s Notre-Dame Cathedral is one of those must-see places when you visit Strasbourg. At BATORAMA, we love it with a passion. Which is why we have devised an audio guide service, in tandem with the Cathedral authorities*, which presents 42 points of interest: POPGUIDE Strasbourg.

You are greeted by the Right Reverend Luc Ravel, Archbishop of Strasbourg, who reminds us that this astounding feat of construction, “a prodigy of the gigantic and the delicate” as Victor Hugo put it, is already 1,000 years old.


1,000 years, during which it has witnessed the complex stream of history, which few other regions in France can claim to have known. Passing from Catholicism to Protestantism and vice versa, changing nationality at the whim of wars and political accords until the middle of the 20th century, Strasbourg Cathedral has overcome the vicissitudes of history like an immutable symbol, survived fires, storms and bombs to stand before you in its gorgeous regalia of pink sandstone.

Plan of Strasbourg cathedral and the 42 points of interest
Plan of Strasbourg cathedral and the 42 points of interest
Astronomical clock of the Strasbourg's Cathedral
Astronomical clock of the Strasbourg's Cathedral


In Strasbourg cathedral, nothing is insignificant, everything takes on meaning for him who knows how to look and, more especially, how to listen.

42 POINTS OF INTEREST analysed by POPGUIDE, Strasbourg’s audio guide

We have selected 33 points of interest inside Strasbourg Cathedral and 9 points outside. The audio guide takes you through them, point by point, to discover Strasbourg Cathedral in 2 hours and 45 minutes. But you may also choose to listen to the information as and when you please or according to your areas of interest.

Pin 22

With the audio guide, you can travel back to the farthest reaches of the 14th century, from the time of the mathematician, Dasypodius, in 1354, to the time of the clockmaker of genius, Jean-Baptiste Schwilgué, in 1838, to discover the story behind the Cathedral’s astronomical clock.

Pin 8

Learn how to decipher the meaning behind the most beautiful stained-glass windows in the side aisles with the audio guide and discover that we owe their presence to Roosevelt’s Monuments Men immortalised in the George Clooney movie.

Pin 14

Admire the work of the goldsmith, Hans Hammer, who made the pulpit for Jean Geyler de Kaysersberg. 

To use the services of POPGUIDE Strasbourg, nothing could be easier :

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Remember that the BATORAMA shop, reception at the Cathedral, every BATORAMA boat and the automatic terminals on the wharfs are equipped with free HD WiFi which allows you to download the POPGUIDE application and its Strasbourg Cathedral Visit module free of charge and in just a few seconds.

Once the visit has been downloaded, the POPGUIDE modules can be consulted as often and as much as you like: you can use them on site as many times as you wish but also when you get back home to relive your visit, share it with your friends, present it to a class, etc.

As the Right Reverend Luc Ravel says in his introduction, Strasbourg’s Notre-Dame Cathedral is a place of worship. In order to respect this fact, we would ask you always to listen to the commentary from your smartphone through headphones. If you don’t possess any, you can buy them at the price of only € 1 from our shop 50 metres from the cathedral.



Intérieur de la cathédral de Strasbourg


POPGUIDE Strasbourg is available in French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Russian.

* The entire  POPGUIDE STRASBOURG and BATORAMA team would like to extend their warmest thanks to the Right Reverend Luc Ravel, Michel Wackenheim (the Cathedral’s archpriest), Marie-Pierre Siffert (the pastoral coordinator in charge of event planning at Strasbourg Cathedral), the Cathedral's Parish Council and, in particular, Bernard Xibaut, Chancellor of the Diocese of Strasbourg and all Cathedral personnel under the responsibility of the Steward, Gérald Valette, for their trust and assistance in devising this audio guide for Strasbourg Cathedral..

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