a commitment to Batorama

Batorama attaches great importance to the experience of all on board our boats to be as pleasant as possible. This is why we ensure that everyone can enjoy comfort and a quality service. In this sense, we are ensuring that people with disabilities can access the boats in good conditions and enjoy the journey.

Low mobility people

Batorama agrees with reservation to allow the reception of disabled people every day during his visits.

The star "Gustave Doré" has a lifting platform allowing access for wheelchair users. It also has a capacity of 3 armchairs.

The dock B at the Palais Rohan has a jetty to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility.

When purchasing tickets on the website, a pictogram informs you of upcoming departures accessible to people with reduced mobility and the number of remaining places.

ATTENTION: this boat is unavailable until September for maintenance!

Warning ! The paved floor Place du Marché aux Poissons and ramp access piers to the Rohan Palace, make access for disabled in wheelchairs harder.


Deaf people

Batorama makes available to hearing people comment on the visit written support.

This booklet available in 3 languages (english, french and german) present visual cues and photographs to find their way more easily around the course.

Blind and visually impaired

The guide dogs and all animals are allowed on board.

Other animals are so far not tolerated on board.