A catered offer for a mouth-watering event

Dejeuner professionnel à bord du bateau événementiel de Batorama

During your event on our special occasions boat, you can order custom food services.  Something to delight your guests and make the time spent with them even tastier! Presentation of this catered deal for a family and/or corporate event arranged aboard our  special occasions boat.

It has to be said, having lunch on a boat has something quite magical about it. Combining a  water-borne tour of Strasbourg with a moment of culinary pleasure at any time of day... What  more could you ask for? It’s a guarantee, in any case, of a successful event and satisfied guests.

Batorama offers this privilege to its clients with a comprehensive, catered deal aboard its boats plying the River Ill or elsewhere. Batorama provides this all-in service so that you don’t have  to worry about anything during the event.

Does breakfast on the water take your fancy, or an Alsatian break, a cocktail aperitif with  colleagues, an exotic aperitif with products from around the world, or an afterwork treat for a  different kind of happy hour when you’re finished talking shop… anything is possible. Even dinner  served at table aboard one of our boats (we’ll even break out the candelabra!) is available in this catered deal.

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And that little something extra, in collaboration with the region’s renowned chefs, your meal aboard our special occasions boat can be designed according to your wishes by adapting the menu accordingly: from homely regional cuisine to a Michelin-starred dinner.

The deal presented here is just an appetiser to give you an idea what to expect. We also offer a comprehensive range of services for private parties on our river boats. Feel free to contact us.

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Le Doubs, bateau événementiel de Batorama