High speed WiFi with Batorama


To make the trip more enjoyable for all those tourists who visit Strasbourg from all around the world, Batorama provides free high speed WiFi on its boats, in its boutique and at the ticket office on the jetty.

Visitors to the city can now surf the web free of charge on their connected devices (telephones, tablets, laptops), courtesy of Batorama. Whether to find out more about the heritage of the city of Strasbourg as it unfolds before them on one of our boat cruises, or to check their email, or to consult the social media, or else simply to get their bearings in Strasbourg and find nearby shops, for example.

This high speed WiFi access is completely free of charge. To use it, you just have to input an email address to get a high speed Internet connection.

The boats, the Batorama boutique on Place de la Cathédrale and the Batorama jetty on Place du Marché aux Poissons are now equipped with high speed WiFi terminals.

Tourists visiting Strasbourg can therefore purchase their ticket on their telephone for an original tour of Strasbourg and get the electronic ticket delivered straight to their inbox, without necessarily having to use a 4G connection. Once aboard, they can make their tour of Strasbourg even more enjoyable and interesting by surfing the web.