The captain's mission is to transport the passengers on board the fleet's vessels. He is responsible for the boat, his team and his passengers. He must make their comfort and their safety a priority.

Holder of a proficiency certificate (B), he is able to navigate in Strasbourg the river Ill, the connecting canals (the Marne-Rhine Canal, MRC, and the Rhine- Rhône Canal, RRC) but also sometimes on the Rhine.

The captain also holds a first aid certificate and has completed a training programme certified by the Attestation Spéciale Passagers (ASP).

He represents Batorama to our passengers and embodies the image and the values of our company. He provides everyone with the warmest welcome. To facilitate communication with our visitors, mastery of foreign languages is appreciated.

Finally, skills in the fields of mechanics, hydraulics and electricity are useful to prevent and troubleshoot problems relating to maintenance. The support he gives to technical teams during boat maintenance is of paramount importance.

N.B. : Captain Hans Trapp is focused solely on letting your children discover Strasbourg, a task in which he is assisted by his parrot, Coco.