Second crew member, reporting to the captain, he is a key player in the relationship with our passengers. He ensures:

  • that they are provided with information and given an orientation of the boat
  • that they are welcomed aboard
  • that tickets are inspected
  • that audio equipment is available and, when it rains, he hands out ponchos.

It is up to him to cater to our visitors so that their walk takes place in the best possible conditions.

The sailor is responsible for mooring and casting off operations at the pier and in the locks. He also participates in cleaning, upkeep and maintenance activities in support of the technical team. He informs the captain of situations requiring his intervention.

Having an excellent rapport with clients, the sailor speaks several languages, has a detailed knowledge of safety procedures and knows how to enforce them. He holds the ASP (Attestation Spéciale Passagers) and a first aid certificate.