We accept on board assistance animals and animals in pet carriers accompanied by their caretaker. By caretaker, we mean the owner or any person in charge of the animal during the boat trip.

  1. Animals must have their papers according to the rules (there is no systematic verification but their owner is exposed to a control and therefore will not be accepted).
  2. Maximum bag dimensions are L42 x W32 x H36 cm.
  3. If the bag carrying the animal is on the person in charge's lap, there will be no additional cost.
  4. If the caretaker wishes to place the pet carrier with the animal inside on a seat next to him/her, he/she has to pay for a single adult ticket (full or normal price). The animal in the pet carrier should have limited contact with other customers. Therefore, a single person will choose window seats or aisle seats. If there are at least two people in charge, they will put the pet carrier on the seat between them.
  5. If the pet's behavior does not allow for a calm and clean cruise, the pet's caretaker is likely to be asked to disembark at the nearest dock. If the pet's behavior makes it necessary to clean the boat, a minimum fee of €150 will be invoiced to the pet's caretaker.
  6. For leashed dogs, you can contact Patchguard, the dog guard service in Strasbourg.