Sanitary measures for passengers

BATORAMA ensures compliance with the instructions and recommendations of the public authorities in order to combat the propagation of Covid-19 for the protection of both its guests and its employees, so that you can relax and enjoy your tour of Strasbourg along the Ill river.

BATORAMA strongly encourages all of its customers to purchase their tickets through the online store. To simplify their purchases, BATORAMA has developed a purchasing system that does not require an account to be created.


As part of its Batorama Care * charter, BATORAMA has redesigned the layout of its store to facilitate physical distancing and reduce the risk of contamination.

Visitors are invited to enter the store through the main entrance at 18 place de la Cathedrale. Inside the store, the furniture has been used to create a one-way path towards the checkouts. Markers spaced one metre apart indicate the minimum physical distance to maintain. Once their purchase is complete, customers exit the store through the side door onto Passage de la Cathédrale.

When they enter the store, visitors will find on their left a pedal-operated hand sanitizer dispenser.

Visitors to the Batorama store are encouraged to handle souvenirs as little as possible before buying them, and to use contactless payment methods whenever possible (bank cards or mobile phones). Batorama now accepts contactless payment solutions via smartphone, such as ApplePay, GooglePay and SamsungPay.

In order to maintain physical distancing, only one checkout will be open, unless high visitor volumes require a second checkout to be opened. This second checkout is located more than 1 metre away from the first, to accelerate the checkout speed.

The checkouts are protected by an 8mm polycarbonate barrier equipped with a hygiaphone.

For souvenir purchases, the sales advisors do not handle the items selected by the customer. The customer presents the product with the barcode facing the sales advisor, who scans it through the protective barrier.


Batorama has 4 ticketing machines on the side wall of the store on Place de la Cathédrale. As part of the Batorama Care * charter, BATORAMA is only putting two of these machines into service to maintain physical distancing. Machines 1 and 4 (PRM ticketing machine) will be in service.

During store opening hours, these ticketing machines will be disinfected every half-hour by our staff.


We have two ticketing machines installed on a small boat at the dock at Place du Marché aux Poissons. Under our charter, only one of these machines will be in service to maintain physical distancing between customers. The walkway may only be used by one customer at a time.

The ticketing machine and handrails are cleaned by our cleaning service in accordance with the sanitary guidelines put in place. This takes place at least once per hour when the boats are at the dock.


Batorama undertakes to comply with all legal requirements and the recommendations of the professional association E2F (Entreprises Fluviales de France)

  • Batorama’s crews are equipped with masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes.
  • All customers 11 years of age and older must wear masks when they arrive to board the boats. People not wearing masks will not be allowed to board.
    • We sell surgical masks at our store and on our website.
    • The masks are sold at cost price.
    • Masks sold at the store are delivered at the store. Masks sold online are delivered at the store on presentation of the voucher to customer service.
  • Hand sanitizer is freely available to visitors.


Visitors may access the boats following the electronic validation of their tickets. For validation, the visitor stands at the spot marked on the ground and holds out his or her ticket at arm’s length to the crewmember in charge of scanning, who is positioned at least one metre away.

Crewmembers will be equipped with masks or visors, and gloves will be provided to them. Only one crewmember carries out ticket validation.

On the closed top boats, the first two rows of seats may not be used in order to maintain sufficient space between passengers and crew. Every second seat may be used on the port side. On the starboard side, in each row of 3 seats, the middle seat will be unusable. Only children under 11 may sit next to their companions.

On open boats, capacity may vary between 50 and 100% starting in July.

Our ticketing software makes it possible to limit the number of seats available for sale on each boat. We do not practice overbooking. The available capacity is calculated in real-time, taking all sales channels into account simultaneously. We are therefore able to ensure that the number of passengers aboard each boat is limited.

The second crewmembers shows visitors where to sit on the boat, in addition to the instructions communicated by the screens, posers and flyers.


The audio headsets normally used by Batorama have been replaced by single-use earpieces available upon request. We recommend that customers use their own listening devices if possible. At the end of the cruise, visitors can throw out their earpieces in a bin provided for this purpose. Given the quality of the equipment provided, we recommend that customers keep the earpiece for other uses.


During the pandemic, the toilets on our boats will remain closed. Access is reserved for the crew. In the event of an emergency, however, customers will be permitted to use them provided they are disinfected after use.


The boats are cleaned after each cruise by our cleaning service, with whom a special Covid-19 prevention plan has been developed, as follows:

  • Points of contact at the entrance to the boat: handles, structural elements that may be contaminated
  • Ledges and air vents
  • Disinfecting equipment is provided to the captain for the dashboard

A deep cleaning and disinfection will be carried out in addition to the morning cleaning and the midday break as follows:

  • Points of contact at the entrance to the boat: handles, structural elements that may be contaminated
  • Ledges and air vents
  • Audio equipment
  • Seat shells


Batorama offers audiophone rentals to equip guided groups with a communication system. This solution makes it possible to maintain physical distancing in groups visiting Strasbourg.

These audiophones are distributed via the PRM (Persons with Reduced Mobility) kiosk. Customers are encouraged to reserve them in advance to give the Batorama teams time to prepare them.

  • Preparation in single-use plastic bags (provision of an individual earpiece that the customer is invited to keep for other uses. We advise customers to use their own listening equipment if possible. Each bag contains a number of earpieces corresponding to the number of people in the group. Unused earpieces must be returned in their original packaging.)
  • Delivery to the customer by correctly equipped Batorama staff (mask and gloves) • Return in the same conditions. All earpieces returned outside their original protective packaging will be thrown out.
  • The equipment is disinfected before being stored away.

The same process applies for audioguides for tours of the Strasbourg Cathedral.

Batorama has appointed a person to oversee the Covid-19 measures and their application. For customers, this person can be contacted via the email address Compliance with the health measures is ensured by the supervising staff and all staff in contact with visitors.

The measures implemented by the Batorama Care charter have been validated by the company ATRISC.

The measures will be awarded the Alsatian, GrandEst or national sanitary safety label once it has been developed and will be adapted accordingly.

* BATORAMA CARE = BATORAMA takes care of you.